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Farming Today

  • 11/11/19 Cley Marshes, oysters, chalk streams, flooded farmers

    Anna Hill visits Norfolk Wildlife Trust's visitor centre at Cley Marshes to focus on environmental issues in the run up to the election. We hear about oyster farming in North Northumberland and the plight of the UK's dried up chalk streams. And how potato farmers in Lincolnshire have been hard hit by the extreme wet weather this autumn. Presented by Anna Hill and produced by Beatrice Fenton.

  • 11/11/19: Farming and flooding, Fly-tipping on farms, Farming the seas overview

    Farmer Peter Gadd tells Charlotte Smith how he's been affected by the current floods and why to reflect the situation the government should relax some of its rules around the Basic Payments Scheme which requires certain 'greening' requirements to be met, which is impossible when your land is under water. Fly-tipping is on the rise - new figures from DEFRA show incidents have increased by eight percent across England year on year. The figures cover rubbish left on public land and farmers point out they too are having to clear up more and more fly-tipped rubbish. Charlotte speaks to Essex farmer George Young who is still clearing up the tonnes of rubbish tipped on his land over the summer. A clean-up which has cost around £100,000, only some of which he'll get back through insurance. This week the programme's looking at farming the sea and Jack Cutforth from the Aquaculture Stewardship Council explains why he hopes more companies will sign-up to their voluntary scheme which aims to maintain and improve standards on fish farms. Presenter: Charlotte Smith Producer: Toby Field

  • Mushrooms

    Mushrooms are one of the most valuable crops a farmer can produce. But they're also one of the most complicated. They're grown inside in strictly controlled environmental conditions on a variety of substrates. In the UK, we grow 45% of the mushrooms we eat. The rest are imported, mainly from Ireland and Poland. In this programme, Charlotte Smith explores various methods of mushroom production, and visits a farm small enough in a large farmhouse kitchen! Presented by Charlotte Smith Produced by Heather Simons

  • 08/11/19: General Election priorities, Protecting birds of prey, Mushroom safari

    Charlotte Smith visits Shipbourne Farmers' Market in Kent to ask stallholders what their priorities are in the upcoming General Election. She hears concerns over provision of rural services, availability of migrant agricultural labour, securing the U.K's fishing rights and yes, you've guessed it, Brexit. It's also mushroom week on Farming Today and Mariclare Carey Jones has been out with a forager in Llandrindod Wells to find out what the do's and don't's are when picking your own. A ten year report published today records that since 2009, 66 birds of prey have been killed in Northern Ireland. Conor Macauley reports on a project that's taking money seized from criminals to fit birds of prey with tracking devices which will enable police to get to stationary birds more quickly and see if they're being targeted. Producer: Toby Field

  • 07/11/19 Designer cows, Blue fin tuna, Truffle-hunting

    A study from international agricultural specialists Rabobank says rapid advances in breeding technologies and genetics are transforming the way dairy farmers are running their businesses. Could designer cows be just around the corner? Farming Today continues its week-long focus on mushrooms, with a look at truffles. We meet the farmer trying to cultivate them in Wiltshire, and go out hunting for wild ones with the help of his labrador. Blue fin tuna have returned to UK waters. A project off the Western Isles in Scotland is trying to find out why, by tagging fish. But it turns out they're not too easy to catch! Presented by Charlotte Smith. Produced by Emma Campbell.

  • 06/11/19 Election campaign day zero, large scale mushroom farm, river restoration

    As the election campaign begins, we'll be consulting an expert panel to keep us up to date with every twist and turn. Today we hear from the Chief Executive of LEAF, Caroline Drummond. As part of our week looking at mushrooms, Anna Hill visits one of the country's biggest growers of button and closed-cup mushrooms, G's in Littleport, East Cambridgeshire. On the Holnicote Estate in Somerset a tributary to the River Aller is being encouraged to spread-out across multiple channels and pools in a bid to replicate how it used to be before any human intervention. Presented by Anna Hill and produced by Beatrice Fenton

Agri Assist

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